Chester Kimbrell, EA

Tax Manager - Blue Springs, MO

I started working for the IRS in April 1979 as a seasonal employee on nights to help pay for school.   In 1982 microfilm was disbanded and was transferred to Examination Branch as clerks.  In 1983 I was promoted to Correspondence Examination as a tax examiner.


I was made a permanent employee by the IRS in Correspondence Exam in 1985.  While I was in Correspondence Examination I became an instructor and taught Basic Income Tax Law 6 times for new employees to the branch.  While as an instructor I was also an OJI.


In 1992 the Kansas City Center was given the new Congressional mandate of the Earned Income Tax Credit.  I was given the job of writing the course materials and job aids for a new for the Earned Income Tax Credit course and pilot project.  I was the manager of the pilot unit where I had to train the new employees and review there progress.  The course material and job aids where used the next season when the project was expanded to the rest of the centers and I was one of the instructors that trained the other centers.


In 1996 I was promoted to the Audit Reconsideration Unit where I worked with taxpayers who had disputes with Correspondence Examination Determinations.  In 1999 I was selected for Tax Payer Advocate where I assisted tax payers who had disputes with any department of the service or needed assistance in resolving assessments, made by the service, on going audits and collection issues.  I was later promoted to Senior Tax Payer Advocate.  I retired from the IRS October of 2012 after 32 years of service.


I started working for Jackson Hewitt in December of 2014 and have worked for them the last 3 seasons.

By the type of work I did for the service I earned the my Enrolled Agent September of  2015.


I joined Exigo Business Solutions in 2016, as I believed in their mission of assisting individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems.  I feel that my knowledge and experience while working at the IRS would provide our clients a true advocate.

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